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Fish & Game

John Weisser

The primary responsibility of the Fish and Game Committee is to operate our trout nursery in conjunction with the PA Fish and Boat Commission, Cooperative Nursery Unit.  Each year we receive 3000 fingerling trout from the Commission in late June or early July, and we are responsible for raising them until the following spring when we stock them in area streams open to public fishing. 

The Club purchases all of the feed and committee members take turns feeding the trout throughout the year. 

This committee also organizes the Annual Fishing Rodeo for fishermen (and women) under the age of 16.  This event, always scheduled on the second Sunday of trout season, usually attracts between 150 and 200 youngsters and is one of the highlights of the Club calendar year. 

Recently, we have also held a rodeo for underprivileged children in conjunction with the local Masonic Lodge. 

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