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Eric Duncan

The archery course at Starview Sportsmen's Association was established in the early 1980s. The course was made up of 14 fixed backstops. The course had a face lift in the early parts of 2000, but was shown no love for the next 10 to 15 years. A club member did take over as Archery Chairman in the year 2014 and started to make repairs until a new job as a truck driver made it unpractical to follow through any longer. The archery committee made repairs to 7 of the 14 targets that make up the range, adding 2 new backstops and three 3D targets. Most of this work was done up in the woods on the walk through side of the course. The original plan for 2017 was to complete the repairs to the remainder of the seven backstops on the walk through side.

After viewing the archery course use for one year by the club members and talking to the club members that come to the club house almost every day, I have come to a conclusion that 90% of the club archery shooters use the meadow part of the range to do their practice shooting. To me this would prove that the committee should focus their attention to this area.

The plan for the meadow area this year in the Spring is to remove the existing 15, 20 and 30 yard backstops (in one piece, to be used over in the walk through course) and make two new larger backstops that will hold two targets each. These new backstops will be placed at 20 and 30 yards with a large gap in the middle between the two. The area in middle will become a 3D shooting gallery. 

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