Starview Sportsmen’s Association membership is currently full. Over 1100 members along with approximately 100 on the membership waiting list.

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Sporting Clay's News...

We are going to begin having Sporting Clays on Sunday May 17th. As much we hope it would be just the same as before, please see the accompanying rules implemented to keep to the guidelines.

-Shooters are shooting at there own risk.

-If you feel sick/fever Stay Home or Leave.

-Follow all CDC and Govt. Guidelines.

-Masks are to be worn by everyone in the clubhouse.

-We do not want people gathering in the clubhouse so there will be no chairs inside, no more than 5 people (excluding SSC workers) at a time and lines on the floor at the window for social distancing.

-There will be hand sanitizer on the counter at the window for use when you sign up and handle the money. Please try to have correct funds to limit money handling and change...$13 non-member $12 Member $8 youth

-We will still have snacks and drinks.

-There will be NO clipboards now.

- Score sheets and pencils are not to be returned.

-Squads will be of 4 shooters only.

-Six person squads will be permitted only if family or close friends and all would like to shoot together. NO larger squad will have strangers mixed on the squad.

-Any shooter using a cart will use it at there own discretion as to hauling others.

Upcoming Events:    


We need volunteers for our events...  sign up sheets are at the main clubhouse.


All events are subject to change due to the COVID Restrictions.

Monthly Board and Membership meetings - March 2 - Board meets @ 6 p.m. 

Regular monthly membership meets @ 7:30 p.m 

New Member Orientation - March 10 @ 6pm 

                                             March 13 & 14 @ 9am

Work Detail - March 20 @ 8am

Monthly Board and Membership meetings - April 6 - Board meets @ 6 p.m. 

Regular monthly membership meets @ 7:30 

Fish Rodeo - April 11-  CANCELLED

Masonic Fish Rodeo - April 24 - CANCELLED

Monthly Board and Membership meetings - May 4 - Board meets @ 6pm. 

Regular monthly membership meets @ 7:30pm